Viruses use cellular mechanisms of transcription and translation (turning DNA to RNA and RNA to proteins) to replicate themselves and infect all kinds of living things.


How To Improve Your Immune System?

Taking care of one’s health mentally, physically and spiritually in order to strengthen one’s system is the best way to navigate the world.

IN THE MEANTIME, one can have proper diet appropriate for one’s constitution and according to one’s particular health condition ( this is what ayurveda does very well). Nurture emotionally and spiritually and intellectually the mind. Live in solutions rather than dwell on problems. Spending time with oneself fully knowing that one is enough in every way. Nothing is perfect, but we can thrive for our individual best.

Can A Virus Cause Cancer?

VIRUSES are not cells. Viruses consist of only DNA or RNA wrapped up in protein. When viruses hijack cells of the body, they insert their DNA or RNA into the host cell. Through some very complicated mechanism, the virus’ DNA or RNA causes the host cells to begin to divide chaotically. Through chaotic division of the body’s cells, the affected organ(s) can become cancerous.
There are many oncoviruses or viruses that cause cancer. Eg: hepatitis B or C, HIV, HHV, HPV etc. ….
Most active viruses can have implications in altering human cells by inserting their own genetic material into human cells, and thus, potentially causing chaotic division of cell tissues turning into cancer.
Vaccines have their use. Important to know that vaccines are manufactured in 3 ways: some have active virus, semi-weakened viruses, and synthetic. Overall, vaccines seek to impede other viruses damaging the human health. Everything has its ups and downs. Give and take.

Viruses are part of human existence. They have their own place in our evolution and in the planet’s evolution.

Image Credit: Arizona State University

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