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Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine
Solution-Driven Approach to
Men's Health & Modern Life Challenges

5 keys to elevate your life, lean into your masculinity powerfully and create elevating relationships with your peers and with your significant one, or find the right life partner.

half-Day Transformational
Men's Health Workshop
at ATILI HEALTH inside Rafi Lounge
22741 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, CA 90265

When: Sat. March TBD
Time: 12pm-5pm

Men, Non-binaries, and those who identify themselves as masculine.

What is included in the day workshop?

  • Healthy Ayurvedic lunch to balance the body’s physical elements (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
  • Intimate conversations with like-minded peers to discuss issues in common.
  • Group Authentic Indian Tantric Yoga postures led by Amit Heri
  • Exploration of your feminine and masculine energy as pertaining to your daily decision makings and actions.
  • Remapping of your old story and its implications on your present .
  • Creating a new story that serves you better and your life purpose.
  •  Exploration of sacred intimate relationship to develop a stronger bond with your significant one.
  • Ayurvedic recommendations to maintain energy and vitality during and after the sexual act.
  • Purpose of sacred sex and its power in today’s modern time.
  • Redefining for yourself your own definition of masculinity and how to live it with integrity in your own truth.

Your Facilitator / Host

Dr. Jupiter-Ajah Christine Fambo


Co- Facilitator

Rafael Anteby


Drawing inspiration from his years of travel through Southeast Asia, Rafael Anteby has created a singularly unique body of work, which includes traditional charcoal powder paintings, sand carvings, and elaborate mineral mandalas. The artist is best known for his jewelry line, Bullets4Peace, which recycles used bullet casings, repurposing them into handcrafted pieces.

Over the next decade, Anteby spent time in Israel, South Africa, and the United States as an instructor at academies, while broadening his knowledge with additional studies in Kung Fu, Chinese Wrestling, and Tai Chi. In 1992, Anteby won the South African Championship in Kung Fu as well as the Shaolin World Tournament for Kung Fu (Full Contact) in China. At the time, he was considered the highest-ranking Caucasian to have participated in the Chinese Olympics. He then spent several months at the Shaolin Monastery in solidifying his Hard Style Kung Fu technique. 


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