Initial Health Consultation


During the visit, we will discuss how you feel things go when you get sick and what is happening in your body then from a medical point of view. We will discuss basic physiology so you can understand your body better. I will assess what is going on, discuss both conventional medicine you have been following from your allopathic doctor, and then I will discuss Ayurvedic options for treatment and still encourage you to keep your medical doctor aware of what we are doing.

Safe Checkout

At our initial visit we will invest 90 minutes, during which we will talk about YOU as the expert of your body and how I can help you.

During the first visit, we will formulate some short-term and then medium-term plans for helping you with whatever you feel you need help with. I will help you set up homework for yourself so that you can take small steps forward in whatever direction you need.

In this way, you will walk away with a definite plan that you want to adhere to.

Please complete the holistic health intake form, as it will help us to focus on your needs and issues. Before your visit, download a copy, sit quietly with a cup of tea and connect with yourself, then complete the form. This is a time well invested in yourself.  Email  the completed form back to me prior to your visit.


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