Although, thanksgiving is celebrated today, gratitude is something we can all benefit from every day in our lives. 

I’ve had messages of “The day Native Americans fed undocumented aliens from Europe.” And I’ve heard “This is my favorite holiday of the year.”

At whatever spectrum one is regarding this celebration, gratitude is really a quality everybody can benefit from in their life.The cultivation of gratitude allows one to generate more the necessary energy to attracting into one’s life that which one desires.I am grateful for the failures of my life, for in failure I learn of the depth of my own resilience. 

In failure to reach my set goals and desires, I learn to persist more and continue pushing onward.I am grateful for the successes, for they allow me to taste the sweetness of life and take satisfaction in arriving at one point of my journey.

I am grateful for all my friends and families, teachers, and those who push me to find the better part or worst part of myself. It’s all in the experience for the Soul.

I hope we can all count our blessings even in the darkness. Everything is transitory and a collection of experiences for our true Divine Selves.

May all of you be blessed in this journey no matter the ups and downs.


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